"Let Your Glory be over the earth, O Lord" (Psalm 108)

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Ascribe to the Lord - PsalomAscribe to the Lord (Eng)

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The book of Psalms has been the hymnbook for people of faith for almost 2500 years. It provides to us the vocabulary of lament, thanksgiving, and praise, and informs the theology of our corporate and individual worship. The Psalms teach us not just to lament, but how to faithfully cry out to the Lord; not just how to praise, but they provide us with the content and structure of that praise, for what god has done in creation and redemption. The Psalms are also instruction, the meaning of the Hebrew word torah. The book of Psalms, like the torah, is organized into five books and the entire collection begins with a psalm of torah, describing the benefit of faithful and righteous living by meditating on God's instruction. Part of our instruction in wise living is the entire Book of Psalms, to which generations of the faithful have turned for guidance, for faithful lament, and for structured praise.

The group Psalom invites you to enter into the world of lament, thanksgiving, and praise through the compositions of Konstantin Zhigulin, mostly based upon the Psalms. Mark Shipp


This album contains songs based on the psalms and also a reading of the same psalms - you can hear psalms being read and the same psalms sung. We suggest this idea as a way to meditation and deep reflection on the Word.


These songs are written not mainly for the stage, but for congregational singing - that is the main goal of our work. So, you can order songbook with the same songs to start study singing.

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© Music by Konstantin Zhigulin, Words based on Bible by Mark Shipp, Glover Shipp, Jeff Matteson, Konstantin Zhigulin.

* "Ascribe to the Lord" music by Jeff Mattesson arrangement by Konstantin Zhigulin

Lina Zhigulina, soprano
Alexandra Bekreneva, alto
Konstantin Zhigulin, tenor
Jeff Matteson, bass

Studio: Konstantin Zhigulin and Oleg Komarov
Cover design: Vitali Morgunov
Special thanks to to ACU department of music.





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