"Praise God in His holy place" (Psalm 150:1)

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"Let there be Joy" - a suite for a chamber choir and a chamber orchestra based on the Book of Isaiah. The following scriptures from the Book of Isaiah are used in the texts: 6:1, 3, 6:3, 1:16-20, 2:3-5, 9:2-6; 12:4-6, 26:1-4, 33:2; 37:17-20, 60:1-3 (Choir parts and Klavir)

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  1. Prologue
  2. Holy Lord of Hosts
  3. If you seek out the Lord
  4. O house of Israel
  5. A son is given
  6. Ancient Gates
  7. Bow down
  8. Arise and shine Jerusalem










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