"Let Your glory be over the earth, o, Lord" (Psalm 108)

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Ministry Report 2014

Konstantin and Lina

In March,Psalomvisited a number of congregations in New England and Texas. We were so happy to see that God's Church continues to testify to this dark world that there is hope, that there is lightone that can not be overcome with darknessthat there is Love, and there is God. You canread more aboutPsalom'strip here.


On the Way to Spiritual Maturity

At the beginning of May I was greatly blessed by an opportunity to participate in the conference called "On the Way to Spiritual Maturity" organized by a Church of Christ in Moscow.

Together with brothers and sisters from all over Russia I spent time meditating on God's word, praying and thinking about my role in the spiritual growth of Christ's Body.

I gladly agreed to help with times of worship during the conference, and led a mini-seminar on church singing.

Participants of the conference "On the Way to Spiritual Maturity"

Photo: Participants of the conference "On the Way to Spiritual Maturity."


Christian Youth Camp in Baltic Region

In June my wife and I went to Estonia to be a part of their annual camp for kids and teenagers called "BalChYoCa" (Baltic Christian Youth Camp). This was the camp's forth year to have daily singing classes during which we learned new songs, refreshed the old ones, and tried to cultivate children's love of singing to God. This year, besides leading the classes themselves, I also worked on getting the songbook that everyone at camp used ready to print.

Video-clip: Singing in the morning at campBalChYoCa-2013.

This year camp had 180 participants which included brothers and sisters from Estonia, Canada, USA, Russia, Israel and even India, and children from all over Estonia.


Morning singing in BalChYoCa Good Morning BalChYoCa




Once again the Lord blessed us with opportunities to help our brothers and sisters in Tallinn: we were able to go there several times this year and help with the spring seminar that the church there organized and with Sunday worship services.

Church in Tallinn Participants of theChurch's spring seminar

Photo: Sunday assembly of the church of Christ in Tallinn, April 2014; Participants of the Church's spring seminar.

In addition to helping the church of Christ in Tallinn, we also met with regents of two Evangelical Christian Baptist churches in the city. For a russian-speaking church that meets at Kalamaja we organized a mini-seminar talking about songs that have verses from the Bible as their text. We introduced the following songs to them: The Lord is Risen from the Grave, Child Born Again, Remembrance, and others.

Video-clip: Singing "The Lord is Risen from the Grave" during the gathering with the church at Kalamaja.

I was greatly surprised to learn that an ensemble that exits in this congregation sings some of the songs that I wrote more than ten years ago. An interesting meeting also occurred with the regent of the Oliviste congregation that gathers at the very center of Tallinn. I was delighted to give the regent sheet music to the songs The Lord is Risen from the Grave and My God and King with words in Estonian! We are hoping that this becomes a great encouragement for many believers in Estonia.

With the choir of the church at Kalamaja

With regent of the church at Kalamaja With regent and chorister of the Oliviste church

Photo: With the choir of the church at Kalamaja; With regent of the church at Kalamaja; With regent and chorister of the Oliviste church.



In September we made our fist trip to Minsk (Belarus). During this trip we spent time for share new songs with members of two congregation there.

Euro-American Retreat - Germany

In November we visited Rothenburg, old town in Germany, for particiapte in 51st Euro American Family Retreat. It was a great time of fellowship with brothers and sisters from many counrys. For sure, it was the time for learn new spiritual songs and we glad to see how insparation it was.

With regent of the church at Kalamaja


Singing School

I regret to say that we had to cancel this year's Singing School which was planned to be held in Kiev...


Assisting Music Ministry

Lina continues to work with the choir of a Baptist Church in Pavlovsk (suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia) and with the student choir of St. Petersburg Christian University. Today's church is strongly influenced by the mass culture; if in earlier years church music was formed by church musicians, nowadays we see a reverse process: singing in the church is more and more influenced by the pop culture. Singing in a choir, singing a-cappella, singing songs based on the text of the Bible creates in peoples' mind an alternative to the influence of the secular music.


SPCU choir SPCU choir



Internet and other resources

I continue to compose and translate songs, and put them in the electronic format. I keep developing the singing school website www.singingschool.ru and Psalom's website www.psalom.org

We are grateful to those churches and individuals in the United States who help us financially. Without your input this trip could not be possible! We are also thankful for the financial support from Russian churches, specifically from the church of Christ On Shabolovka (Moscow, Russia) and On the Neva (St. Petersburg, Russia). Our hopes are to continue this ministry to the Glory of God singing praise to Him and spreading the Good News of His salvation through songs, psalms and hymns.



We are hoping to continue this work to the glory of our God by singing praise to Him and by spreading the Good News of His salvation. See details of how to support our ministry below.


All funds are used for the Congregational Worship Development ministry in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and for Psalom's activities in the United States.


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