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Ministry Report 2016

Konstantin and LinaDevelopment of the Congregational Singing: Ministry of Konstantin and Lina Zhigulin (Russia).

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are so thankful for your support of our ministry during the 2016 year. Our special thanks for regular support to Cole Mill Road Church of Christ (Durham, NC), Cox Boulevard Church of Christ (Sheffield, AL), Huntsville Church of Christ (Kilmichael, MS).

Throughout the year weve been focusing on several areas of congregational singing development:

1) Translating and editing existing songs; composing some new songs and hymns, and developing our Websites. < Read more >

2) Preaching & teaching 2 sermons a month; leading signing seminars and seminars on worship had 4 seminars so far; teaching students and working with choirs had 2 of such sessions. < Read more >

3) Leading singing in my local congregation twice a month. Working with two church choirs on a weekly basis a choir of the St. Petersburg Christian University and a choir of a congregation in the city of Pavlovsk (suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia). Helping with singing in various congregations in Russia, Estonia, United States and Germany during this year weve already visited six congregations. < Read more >

4) Seminars. Organized and led the annual Signing School for the Russian-speaking churches. Participated in the Symposium of Acapella Singing at the Pepperdine University Ascending voice IV. < Read more >

5) Ministry plan for 2017. We are looking forward to continuing our ministry in 2017 and are hoping for your help and support. < Read more >

6) We thank our supporters < Read more >

7) We are asking for support < Read more >


1) Translating and editing existing songs

Ive worked on translating the following songs from English into Russian: "Wonderful, Merciful Savior", "Thank you, Lord", "Make a joyful noise", "Open my eyes, Lord", "Great is Thy faithfulness", "Exalted", "The Lords Prayer". Composing a hymn called "Praise the Lord for He is good" with words from Psalms 98 and 103 as its lyrics. Preparing some sheet music for a festival of sacred music. Translating songs into other languages: in collaboration with brothers from other countries some of my songs were translated into Estonian, English, French, Spanish and German.

"Wonderful, Merciful Savior"(Singing school 2016)


"Praise the Lord for He is good" (Singing school 2016)



2) Preaching & teaching

During this year I preached both for my local congregation and for other congregations who extended an invitation for me to come speak. I also met and had discussions about worship with those brothers from St. Petersburg and Moscow churches who prepare and lead Sunday worship service. As planned, we traveled to Moscow, spending a few days there. Those days were packed with various types of activities: lessons, sermons, and a meeting with the brothers counsel of the church. During this meeting we discussed lots of meaningful questions: establishing a healthy atmosphere for worship, the importance of the Lords Supper, and others. After speaking with the leaders of this congregation, we decided not to just perform a one-time seminar, but to organize several workshops throughout the year. All brothers participating in Sunday worship services were invited to take part in quarterly gatherings regarding the Sunday worship assembly. Through these discussions I share my experiences in leading worship, introduce new songs, and we also pray altogether for God to lead us in worshiping and serving Him.

In the Spring, I met for similar discussions with the students of St. Petersburg Christian University and with the members of Neva Church of Christ choir.

Good Morning BalChYoCaGood Morning BalChYoCa

We are so glad to have been able to continue our collaboration with the church in Estonia, which is visited several times in a year. In the fall, we spent a two-day seminar on theme "The worship of God - from the beginning of time and forever". Right now we are discussing a possibility of holding a seminar on singing in December.


3) Leading singing

At the beginning of the year I facilitated discussions on worship with the students of St. Petersburg Christian University and with Neva church choir members.
We continue to work, on a weekly basis, with a choir of one of the congregations in the city of Pavlovsk (suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia) and with a choir of the St. Petersburg Christian University.

Throughout the year we led seminars and discussions on singing and worship in Moscow, Tallinn (Estonia), University Church at Pepperdine Campus, the Northside church of Christ in Temple, Texas, and the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma. During each of these visits we were blessed with wonderful fellowship and positive response to the work of this ministry. This trip showed us how important it is not only to present music, but to develop congregations in learning and singing new songs together.

Video: Singing of "My God and King" with the Memorial Road Church of Christ, Edmond, OK.

Still underway are singing seminars Tallinn (Estonia) and Cologne (Germany) both are planned at the end of this year.



4) Seminars

In May, Psalom participated in the A cappella Music Symposium Ascending Voice IV held at Pepperdine University. It was Psaloms third time to take part in this symposium. During the Symposium of Acapella Singing "Ascending voice IV" at the Pepperdine University, Psalom presented our Tetramorph project: a view of worship in the light of the 4th chapter of the Revelation. Also we had opportunities to present our songs, to talk about our ministry, and to lead an evening prayer service. Participation in the events like that always enriches and gives opportunity to meet other people who dedicate themselves to ministering the church; it also brings tremendous encouragement and inspiration. We reconnected with old friends and made many new ones.

With regent of the church at Kalamaja With regent and chorister of the Oliviste churchWith regent of the church at Kalamaja With regent and chorister of the Oliviste churchWith regent of the church at Kalamaja With regent and chorister of the Oliviste church

Photo: Members of Psalom with Kenneth Nafziger, Keith Lancaster, James Tackett, Randy Daw, Oksana Boiko, Shawn Kirchner.


Singing School 2016

22 students from seven cities in Russia participated in this years annual Singing School. For five full days these students were immersed into the world of singing praises to God. Weve received a whole array of positive feedback from those who had an opportunity to come to the Singing School this year.

Singing School preparations always take a lot of time and energy. We try our best to create a comfortable environment for each participant, although this is not of course our main goal. We strive to give each person who comes to the Singing School essential music theory foundation, singing skills, and spiritual enrichment. Also, the students should have the opportunity to put all of this into practice. So, this year we organized small groups in which brothers and sisters would work together to prepare a few songs on their own, with the limited oversight of a teacher a simulating of a situation they might someday find themselves at home, away from singing school. Our devotional times this session focused on the theme The Kingdom of Heaven. We read from Jesus parables, the apostles sermons in Acts, and from the Psalms. One important aspect of Singing School is getting familiar with new songs, of which there were many this year. This school saw the first use of new translations for "Wonderful, Merciful Savior", "Thank you, Lord", "Open my eyes", "Great is Thy faithfulness", "Exalted", and "The Lords Prayer". All of these may be heard on the Singing School website.

For this years school we had an excellent team of instructors. Students gathered from seven cities throughout Russia. (see photographs)

With the choir of the church at Kalamaja

With regent of the church at KalamajaWith regent of the church at Kalamaja

With regent and chorister of the Oliviste churchWith regent and chorister of the Oliviste church

With regent and chorister of the Oliviste churchWith regent and chorister of the Oliviste church

Photo: Teachers of the Singing School 2016, Students of the Singing School 2016, Vespers Song Service, Brad leads the chorus session, Konstantin and Brad work together, Group of kids, Teachers presentation during Vespers.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him, sharing songs with the message of His love. In this year, we have received notes of gratitude from many. Here are just a few responses we received recently:

Thank you very much for sent me all these material. Really you are amazing with me because you share your work with me with no charge to me. I will start to work in the translation to Spanish of this material. Thanks a lot again and I keep you in my prayers so our God keep you and all yours safe and blessed. In Christ, Alberto Suarez, Iglesia de Cristo, Tyler, TX.

"... I often sing your songs in my private devotions when at home. You should come to Argentina on tour. Jonathan Hanegan. Missionary at a church of Christ in Buenos Aires, Argentina".

... We have sung your wonderful song `My God and King` (in Estonian) several times, even in Jerusalem. Last year at Christmas service in our church (Oleviste) we sung `Christmas Song` and `A Son is Given, which gave rise to ardor of hundreds of people participating in the service. If it is possible, could you please send me the Russian version of `My God and King`. We would like to learn it in Russian as well. Kersti, Oleviste church, Tallinn, Estonia

To God be the glory now and ever more!



5) Ministry plan 2017

We are looking forward to continuing our ministry in 2017 and are hoping for your help and support. Here are the things we are planning for the next year:

Annual Christian Singing School:
We plan to host it in St. Petersburg at the end of July, and well be beginning our preparations for it as the year starts.

Singing & Worship Workshops:
We strongly believe that Psalom should continue such Singing Workshops in the future. For 2017, we are making plans to visit churches in the USA, conducting two to three day singing workshops. The main goal of such seminars will be to help congregations learn new songs based on the text of the Scripture. The goal for this part of the ministry is to strengthen and enrich singing for the entire congregation, but we will gladly meet with smaller church groups, ensembles, choruses, and with students at colleges and universities. Travel in US for these seminars is now being planned for February-March and for October-November of 2017. If you are interested in such a workshop for your congregation, please, contact us. We are also planning to continue similar work in Russia, Estonia, Germany and Holland.

Work on the development of publicly available databases for congregational singing:
The web.site of the singing school and psalom site contains materials devoted to congregational singing and worship (notes, texts, power point presentations, articles, etc.) The existing database is constantly updated and renewed. In 2016 we began to work on recording individual parts for songs. The purpose of such work is to help churches in learning both old and new songs the way they were written. In addition, we plan to work on a long-term project to establish a new songbook for congregational singing in Russian language.

Posting Audio and Video materials of our seminars on-line:
After each seminar on singing and worship that we conduct we receive a lot of positive responses, but also request to get access to the materials of the seminar. Thus, we are thinking that it would be great to make audio and video recordings of such seminars and let people have access to these materials on-line.

Composing of new hymns, editing and translation of existing songs:
We plan to continue our work in these areas in the upcoming year.

Acquire new experiences through communication:
In order to teach others, it is necessary not only to use what we already know and experience that we already have, but acquire new information and experience: for example, to see how other Christians organize singing schools, seminars, etc. At the beginning of June we plan to come to Shenandoah Christian Music Camp in Virginia.

We are praying for God to help us find people so that Psalom could continue to present our songs in Russia.
We are so grateful to all those who support our ministry on an on-going bases. One-time donations are also greatly appreciated.


6) We thank our supporters

Our ministry has existed for 10 years. We are grateful to all who have helped us over the years and continues to support today. We would like to express our gratitude to those churches and individuals who are helping us financially. Our special thanks to Saturn Road Church of Christ (Garland, TX) and Booneville Church of Christ (Booneville, MS).

We are also thankful for financial help that came rom churches in Russian, namely, Church of Christ On Shabolovka (Moscow) and Church of Christ On the Neva (St. Petersburg).

We are hoping to continue this work to the glory of our God by singing praise to Him and by spreading the Good News of His salvation. Click the button below to learn how to support our ministry.


7) We are asking for support

In order to accomplish the tasks of our full-time ministry, we seek your support financially. Part of the money we seek covers living expenses for our family. These include food, medicine, school fees, clothes, communication, transportation, etc. The second part of support is for the Work fund. This includes all travel expenses for Psalom (for all participants of the Ensemble) and for my travel to Congregationa Worship Development seminars, as well as recording expenses.

At this moment we are looking for opportunities to rent an office for our ministry. Please pay attention to this need and consider to help. If you have a questions feel free to contact us in any time.

May the Lord bless you and keep you!


All funds are used for the Congregational Worship Development ministry in Russia and Eastern Europe, and for Psalom's activities in the United States. Therefore, please consider this opportunity to help us minister to the church through the Word and song.





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