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Psalom's November 2015 - Euro-Trip Report

PSALOM travels to Germany and Holland

We thank all those who have sacrificed their resources to assist in our ministry!

A few years ago, the germ of an idea entered our minds that we might share our music with congregations of the church in Europe. We since held on to that thought, and finally in November of 2015 we were able to bring these songs to brethren in Germany and the Netherlands! It was an immense joy to sing in both Russian and in English (and be well-understood in both those languages!). Alongside more meditative songs, like "Simeon" and "Lord, I do believe", we also taught ones that are jubilant, such as "The Lord is risen from the grave," "Clap your hands, all you peoples," and others.


The first presentation occurred in Cologne. The congregation used this as an outreach opportunity, and there were many guests of many nationalities – including quite a few who spoke Russian! There was long and joyous fellowship afterwards, a chance to make new friends and discover things we have in common. The atmosphere was full of warmth, and we lingered in conversation for a long time before heading on the cold journey home. It was wonderful!

С Дэвидом и Байроном

Photograph: PSALOM concert flier at the entryway of the church's building in Cologne (Germany) (...see more photo here)

It was our joy to spend much time with this beautiful family from the church.

С Дэвидом и Байроном

Photograph: with Uli  & Ursula Steiniger

From Cologne we traveled south to Bavaria, where we joined in an annual gathering called the Euro-American Family Retreat. On Sunday—our first full day there in Rothenburg—all retreat participants gathered in a medieval cathedral to praise the Lord in song in a place where all the town could be invited. There were hymns (new and ancient) in Polish, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, French, Greek, English, Spanish…

One special moment for us in the concert was getting to sing "My God and King" together with the choir Harmonie from the church in Marseilles (France). In October this ensemble had traveled to St. Petersburg for a concert which they presented in partnership with the choir from the Church of Christ on the Neva. It was a special blessing to see them again, now in Germany!

Combined performance of "My God and King" and "The Lord is risen from the grave" in St. Petersburg, Russia – 'Harmonie' and members of the Neva Church of Christ.

VIDEO: Combined performance of "My God and King" in Rothenberg, Germany – choir 'Harmonie' and ensemble `Psalom`.


Photograph: members of our two groups (...see more photo here)

It was encouraging to hear God's praises in so many tongues. Even as we sang in Russian, we could see in their faces how the audience still understood the message – like this setting of the song of Simeon, which uses the unaltered text from the Gospel of Luke.

VIDEO: Performance of "Simeon" during the combined concert of participants in the Euro-American Family Retreat.

At the end of the retreat, it was our honor to teach some songs to all of the retreat participants as part of the closing session.



There was a happy surprise awaiting us in Holland – a reunion with friends from Siberia, a family (the Voronkins) who moved from Tomsk almost a decade ago. Here, also, we found that we have many friends in common – like with our sister Iva from Poland, who knows Rostov-on-Don missionary Eileen Emch from her many visa trips to Warsaw.


Витргиния Дистанция

(...see more photo here)

The church in Eindhoven hosted PSALOM concert that drew in numerous visitors and members of surrounding congregations – some traveling almost two hours each way! We were thrilled to have members of the ensemble Listen Up! join us for a portion of this program. They even let us sing with them one of their signature hymns written on the final section of Psalm 119 (verses 169-176).

VIDEO: Song "Let me live" by Vero Dijkstra and Listen Up based on Psalm 119:169-176

Ива Рамбагс Ива Рамбагс

Эйндховен, Голландия

Photograph: In rehearsal and in concert with members of 'Listen Up' (...see more photo here)

We are thankful to God that this trip could happen! In each place we visited, the Lord showed us kindness in the generous and loving hands of His children, who both hosted us and worked diligently in advance of our arrival to gather an audience for the sharing and teaching of these songs. All praise is to God that organizational efforts brought fruit, and we can't express enough in gratitude to the congregations of Germany and Holland who took part—even led—in these things.

It is our blessing to close each presentation with the invitation to join us in singing, and it was no different on this trip. Beautiful words of the psalms were on our lips, in various languages (…we even learned some Dutch!): "The Lord is my shepherd."and "Bless the Lord, o my soul. All that is within me bless His Holy Name!" It is our prayer that these words would be imprinted on the hearts of our audience for many years to come and that they would help us all to see the Lord no matter the difficulties or daily concerns that face us.



We would like to express our gratitude to those churches and individuals in the United States who are helping us financially. Our special thanks to Prestoncrest Church of Christ from TX. This trip would not be possible without your support!

We are also thankful for financial help that came rom churches in Russian, namely, Church of Christ On Shabolovka (Moscow) and Church of Christ On the Neva (St. Petersburg).

Our special thanks to Cole Mill Road Church in NC, Cox Bulevard Church, AL and Huntsville Church of Christ and Holland street Church of Christ.



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