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Psalom - A trip to Europe 2018

European tour in March 2018 - "Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual songs".

The Spiritual Music Ensemble PSALOM is currently filling up the dates of its March 2018 trip to the Europe. We would be happy to include a presentation of our program at your church, bible school or university. Also our concert could be great possibility to arrange wide open event for non church people who likes music.

1. What?
2. Where?
3. When?
4. What do we need to invite Psalom?
5. How you can help?


1. What?
Recognizing the Church's need for development in congregational singing, we are focusing our energies into this area. Our program contents Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual songs composed by Konstantin Zhigulin, who spent big part of his life in composing new hymns for congregational singing. Main part of our program will be presenting in Russian language, even so, we believe it will be very encouraging and uplifting.

Konstantin Zhigulin and the spiritual music ensemble PSALOM seek to develop a cappella congregational singing in the body of Christ. Since 2008, the ensemble has traveled to the USA from Russian eight times, visiting more than 200 Christian congregations. PSALOM has participated in the Abilene Christian University Summit, Pepperdine University Bible Lectures, the A Capella Music Symposium "The Ascending Voice," the A Cappella Singing Festival ACAFEST , and the Calvin Worship Symposium, among others events. In 2015 Psalom has participated in the Euro-American Family retreat in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Concerts of the ensemble took place in Gemeinde Christi in Cologne (Germany) and Eindhoven (Netherlands). In 2017 ensemble Psalom became the owner of the silver diploma of International Festival of Choral Music "Mundus Cantat" in Sopot (Poland).

Psalom-2017 Psalom 2017-1

Please, listen of our studio recording below:


See the video of our presentation in International Festival of Choral Music "Mundus Cantat" in Sopot (Poland):


2. Where?

We plan to start our trip in Wiesbaden, Germany then we will sing for church in Cologne, Germany. Before the Easter we will sing in Tallinn, Estonia.


3. When?

Our trip is planned for the last week of March 2018 (March 26-30). If you would have PSALOM plan to be at your church to sing and share songs of praise, supplication, and edification, please be in touch so that we can confirm a dates.


4. What do we need to invite Psalom?

Our ministry is supported by a few congregation, who understand the need of popularisation of congregational singing and especially acapella singing in the church. The main need for Psalom is the place to stay while we are at your town. Also, you need to create the event - invite people, not only from the church, but, from your city community. We do hope that for some people such concert could became the very first step into the church and we hope this step could bring them closer to God. Usially, if church members know about the event in advance, they can invite friends and relatives and people are ready to come. Please, contact us.


5. How you can help?

If you have no possibility to invite us, but want to help, please, share the news about this trip with people who can help to arrange our presentations. Support the trip specifically with your prayers, presence, and grace. We are hoping this trip will bring the glory to our God by singing praise to Him in Spirit and by spreading the Good News of His salvation. Click the button below to learn how to support our ministry financially. We appreciate your involvement!


All funds are used for the Congregational Worship Development ministry, and for Psalom's activities. Therefore, please consider this opportunity to help us minister to the church through the Word and song.


We hope to see you soon in our concerts in Europe!

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