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Psalom - A trip to Europe 2018

European tour in March 2018 - "Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual songs".

As part of our spring tour, a concert was held in St. Petersburg and performances in Germany (Wiesbaden, Cologne) and Estonia (Tallinn).

The concert in St. Petersburg took place in the walls of the ancient Annenkirche. In Wiesbaden and Cologne we performed in fraternal churches - Geminde Christi. Both speeches were forgiven very inspired. Before each part there was a short opening remarks about the content of the hymns that we are performing. For the latter part, explanations were not required, because we performed several hymns in German.

Our program consisted of three parts - Psalms, Glorification and Spiritual songs. With each performance, we penetrated deeper and deeper into the deep meaning of each word and rejoiced at the response that was seen in the listeners.

Psalom-2017 Psalom 2017-1

Fragment of Psalom concert in Annenkirche (Saint-Petersburg).


In Tallinn we participated in the Good Friday evening, dedicated to the sufferings and the death of the Savior's cross. They read the Gospel of Luke and sang psalms. On Saturday, a big concert took place in the church of Oleviste, which is located in the old part of the city. Despite the fact that usually on this day the concerts are not held, there were about 250-300 listeners. And it was a wonderful event for us and for the city.

See the video of our presentation in Oleviste church in Tallinn (Estonia)


On Sunday, we were given the opportunity to participate in the services of the church "Bethany" and the church "New Beginnings". The performances were very good. Thank God for all the blessings of this trip!


After the trip, we received many letters of gratitude. Here are excerpts from some of them:

- Thank you! "The sickly spirit heals the song ..." Yesterday morning we buried my brother, who died after a cruel and painful long illness. in the evening the longing for this loss thickened unbearably, and my husband and I walked aimlessly through the streets. Accidentally came upon Annenkirch ... and "accidents are not accidental!" Your voices sounded consoling and gave a firm hope that his soul with God! "Oh, you who remind of the Lord, do not stop!" Irina Alekseeva, St. Petersburg.


"Thank you very much for helping our community, for a wonderful memorable evening on Friday, March 30, and Sunday service on April 1st." Thank you for the bright concert in the church of Oleviste. We again and again sang your soulful chants. Thank God for your wonderful work! We will be very glad to see you again in Tallinn! Nikolay and Olga Vasyutina, Church of Christ, Tallinn


- From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and God for your ministry, both in Olevist and in our country. They encouraged us very much and gave us a direction how to glorify God through a chapel. May God bless the future ministry and inspire new spaces. With God! Waldemar Mazurchak, Bethany Church, Tallinn


- Thank you!!! We are very blessed by your ministry! We look forward to further cooperation. Stanislav Osipov, Christian Church "New Beginning", Tallinn


Thank you for supporting our ministry and understanding the need to popularize the singing of A` capella and especially acapella singing in the church. We do hope that for some people such concert could became the very first step into the church and we hope this step could bring them closer to God. Click the button below to learn how to support our ministry financially. We appreciate your involvement!


All funds are used for the Congregational Worship Development ministry, and for Psalom's activities. Therefore, please consider this opportunity to help us minister to the church through the Word and song.

May God bless you and keep you! Yours, Psalom.

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