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Psalom's March 2014 - Trip Report

Psalom 2014In March of 2014 Psalom made its 10th trip to the United States.

This year, for the very first time, we made our way into New England. Congregations in this area are not very large in size—this reminds us of churches in Russia and Ukraine. In every place we went, we were greeted by a warm, welcoming and family-like atmosphere. There is time in our presentation when we invite everybody to sing with us, it always works great and it is one of the most uplifting moments for everybody.

During the first ten days of our trip we presented our songs to churches of Christ in Danbury, Manchester, Kittery, Nashua, and Natick. People who came to some of these presentations drove to the places we sang at from the neighboring towns. After the presentation in Kittery, the preacher said to me, "We are so glad to have this many visitors in our church today!" And it is great that our presentations served as a reason for people from various congregations to get together!

Prayer with the church family in Kittery

Before the final prayer with the church family in Kittery.


We not only sang for various churches, but for people in two senior living centers, for teachers, students, and their parents in one Christian private school; we were also honored to sing for students and teachers at the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Regardless of this Institute's high status, we saw that students remained students with lighthearted attitude and great sense of humor—you can see the evidence of this in the poster given to us by the chaplain of the Institute :)

Psalom's poster from MIT with student art

Psalom's poster from MIT with student art.


Remarkably, in spite of this school being a technological one, there are several vocal ensembles established by its students. We got to meet members of one such group, and were greatly encouraged to find out that they plan to spend their break traveling from one church to another sharing songs and hymns with their brothers and sisters...


The second part of our trip took place in Texas where we not only presented new songs before various congregations but also made recordings of some of the songs. These recordings will appear in Penitence for our Waywardness CDthe third album from the four-disk Psalom Worship CD-collection which we started putting together a few years ago.

We also spent a couple of days making video-clips for the following songs: "The Lord is risen from the grave", "Veru veruiu (I do believe)", "My God and King", and "You are the light of the world". Some of these clips you can see on page video.

Process of filming the video.

Process of filming the video. Process of filming the video.

In process of filming the video.

Like I said, we did sing in a number of churches in Texas: High Pointe church of Christ (McKinney), Johnson Street church of Christ (Greenville), Saturn Road church of Christ (Garland), Northside church of Christ (Temple), and West Erwin church of Christ (Tyler); we also participated in a Sunday assembly of a Russian speaking church River of Life (Plano), and sang during a morning chapel at the Graduate School of Applied Linguistics—this school prepares translators of the Bible.

Psalom at the assembly of a Russian speaking church River of Life (Plano). Psalom at the assembly of a Russian speaking church River of Life (Plano).

Psalom at the assembly of a Russian speaking church River of Life (Plano).

Some churches have been learning our songs and are already singing them during their worship assemblies. It was very encouraging to be at such a service in one of the churches and sing "My God and King", "To You we sing", and "O Praise the Lord, my soul"alongside them.

Singing "My God and King" with the Northside church of Christ (Temple, TX).



We were so glad to see many of our old friends during this trip. We met with Thomas Olbricht, Wendall Broom and his family, Jerry Bryan, Randy Daw, Ron and Judy Warpole, Ryan Carroll and many other brothers and sisters.

With Jerry Bryan With Randy DawWith Ron and Judy Warpole With Wendall BroomWith Robert M. Randolph, Chaplain of MIT InstituteWith members of barbershop quartet in Danbury

It is our great joy to see that what Psalom does is beneficial for churches on both sides of the ocean—that Psalom is not only helpful as a group that presents new songs to these congregations, but also as an international group that embodies spiritual oneness of people joined by faith in Christ. After one of our presentations, a sister came up to us and, with tears in her eyes, said the following: "We are so glad you came and brought the Good News to us… so many people here in America are losing the true meaning of it nowadays. Today, I grasped one more reason why the Lord compelled us to send missionaries eastward. He wanted you to come and remind us of Christ when we start forgetting about Him…"

We are grateful to those churches and individuals in the United States who help us financially. Without your input this trip could not be possible! We are also thankful for the financial support from Russian churches, specifically from the church of Christ On Shabolovka (Moscow) and On the Neva (St. Petersburg).



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