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Psalom's March 2015 - Trip Report

Psalom's eleventh trip to United States took place at the beginning of 2015.

Songs, People and Roads.


During this trip, in addition to the usual presentations in churches, there were times when we sang together with other Christian ensembles: with the Ohio Valley University Choir "The A Capella Singers Of Ohio Valley University", with the Geneva College Choir "The Genevans", and with the Youth Choir of Memorial Park Church. Each of these times was very uplifting and inspiring.

Psalom and The Genevans. Singing `Return, o Lord` at the Geneva College.

Such songs as Return, O Lord; O Praise the Lord our God, all you nations; The Lord said to me Lord are the songs that draw their lyrics closely from the Scripture. And it is singing the Word that makes our trips especially valuable, for our great desire is to bring back the practice of singing songs and hymns that direct us to the Biblical Text. It was very encouraging to see even people from neighboring congregations to come to all our presentations: song leaders, preachers, choir directors and members of the choirs. Fellowship continued long after each presentation was over; flipping through the songs in our songbooks, we shared everything we could: "This song will be great for Easter… oh, and here is another beautiful son based on the text of the Gospels…, and this song will be a perfect fit for a baptism… etc."

С Дэвидом и Байроном После концерта

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Also among the songs we present are the ones which words are taken directly from the Bible without any changes. During the chapel at the Geneva College we had a joy, together with all the students, to read and sing Psalm 23. Not long before this trip a song was written to the words of the Lord's prayer "Our Father in Heaven."  It became a very valuable part of each presentation we made this year. We hope that in time the churches will pick it up, also.

Singing and reading Psalm 23 during Chapel at the Geneva College.

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We were certainly very delighted to present in the churches that already sing some of our song during their worship. Such were the Alliance Church of Christ in Ohio, Hagerstown Church of Christ in Maryland, Leesburg Church of Christ in Virginia and others.



We visited numerous congregations of Christ; in many of them we met people who at one time or another supported missionaries in Russia and Ukraine or who at some point used to be missionaries over there themselves. In Alliance, Ohio, we saw our dear sister Abigail who lived in Siberia for a while and then came to St. Petersburg, Russia. Brother Royce Sartain met us at the door-steps of New Brighton Church of Christ, PA. Years ago Royce helped missionaries in Barnaul, visited lots of cities in Russia and Ukraine helping to spread the Good News about Christ. He also was one of the first missionaries of Church of Christ in Estonia. Now Royce is 77 (!), and amid the necessary cares for his health he is still active in the life of his church family.

It was also great to spend a couple of days in the hospitable household of Kara Pleasants—daughter of missionaries Jeff and Jill Mattesson.

Рутледж Джим Вмести с Херри

Абигель Ройс В доме Керы и Дэвида

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When you first meet people, an essential part of your conversation will be an attempt to find mutual acquaintances. If such are found then the conversation becomes very lively! But what should one do if there are no mutual friends found? Unlike churches where people already knew us, those in Washington Church of Christ, PA, never met us before. They gave us such a warm welcome—we were received as long-time friends, and we are so very thankful for such hospitality!

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Our journey began in Maryland. We made a circle and, after visiting New-Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia  and West Virginia, came back to Maryland. During the 20 days of our travels we made more than 2,030 miles.We are so thankful that this trip came to be. Interacting with people who are trying to implement Jesus' command, 'Love the Lord, your God, and love your neighbor as yourself' in their everyday life we saw how the lives of those who they came in contact with were being transformed. That gave us hope that our efforts would bear some fruit also.

Витргиния Дистанция Дорога

We would like to express our gratitude to those churches and individuals in the United States who are helping us financially.

Our special thanks to Cole Mill Road Church in NC, Cox Bulevard Church, AL and Huntsville Church of Christ and Holland street Church of Christ.

This trip would not be possible without your support! We are also thankful for financial help that came rom churches in Russian, namely, Church of Christ On Shabolovka (Moscow) and Church of Christ On the Neva (St. Petersburg).



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