"Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name be the glory" (Psalm 115:1)


International Festival of Choral Muisc in Poland

A few years ago two members of our group, Brad and Lena moved to live in Dallas. In this two years we still had a possibility to travel as the group - we visited churches in Germany and Netherland, make some recordings and keep some activity in US, but our activity as the singing group in Russia and Eastern Europe became limited.†We wanted to continue to present and spread out the vision of beauty of acapella congregational singing to churches. Even so, in Russia it is still hard to find people who are belivers and good musicians at the same time. In the beginning of this year we met such talated people and start rehearsals together. In this picture you see new members of Psalom - Ivan and Sofia.

In this†short period of time we prepared program based on Psalms and make a few presentation in churches of cities which is close to St. Petersburg. Then we applied for International Festival of Choral Music "Mundus Cantat"†in Sopot (Poland).

See our concert in Sopot in this short video below.

We see our participation in such festival as a great opportunity to express our faith in Christ in front of many people from different countries and nations. Several choruses†from Poland, a women's choir from Lithuania, a children's choir from Ukraine, a gospel choir from Colombia and a folk music ensemble from Georgia participated in the program. The silver diploma of the festival is a high mark for our team†which†participated in the contest program for the first time. We are very pleased with this award. While we sung †"O praise the Lord, my soul," "By Your mercy", "Simeon", "The Lord is†risen†from the grave" we saw that there were no indifferent persons in the audience . After a competitive day, we participated in a city concert, which took place in one of the churches of Sopot. On Sunday we participated in the divine services of the local community, at the end of our performance we sang for our dear brothers and sisters "May the King of the Universe Let Your Mercy be Blessed" in Polish language!

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