"Let Your glory be over the earth, o, Lord" (Psalm 108)

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Spiritual Music Ensemble PsalomOn this page you can see short history and overview of our ministry. For more information, please, visit our web. site: Congregational Worship Development Ministry

After finishing the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry in 2007, Konstantin Zhigulin, along with his wife, Lina have been working full-time in ministry teaching part singing, translating songs, and developing congregational worship. The have also been active in creating song books, directing choirs, composing new hymns for worship, and sharing their music with various congregations in Russia, the Ukraine, and the US.

During the last three years, Konstantin has written 14 new hymns and translated over 26 previously written songs (an average of 10 new hymns a year).  They have compiled over 100 songs into a new songbook for the church.  Konstantin has taught over 30 men and women worship ministry in the Institute of Theology.  Konstantin, Lina and others teachers have taught over 300 singing-school students part-singing and music basics. They have conducted singing seminars 11 different times for various Russian churches (including Moscow, Tomsk, Tallinn, Donetsk and Barnaul etc.) three seminars in US and yet, one singing workshope in Germany. They have given numerous concerts in St. Petersburg and various cities of Russia. The singing group "Psalom" has sung at over 250 different churches, at lectureships, and many universities in the United States. We also have produced 5 albums and a songbook primarily for churches to use for worship. And finally, we have blessed over 2,500 Christians with our music through CD purchases. We give God our Father of the Lord Jesus Christ all the glory, honor, and praise for His work in and through us.

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We are hoping to continue this work to the glory of our God by singing praise to Him and by spreading the Good News of His salvation. Click the button below to learn how to support our ministry.


All funds are used for the Congregational Worship Development ministry in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and for Psalom's activities in the United States. Therefore, please consider this opportunity to help us minister to the church through the Word and song.



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