"Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name be the glory" (Psalm 115:1)


About Spiritual Music Ensemble "Psalom"

This site presents the creative works of Russian composer Konstantin Zhigulin, and "Psalom" his Acapella Spiritual Music Ensemble.

The Ensemble performed at ACU lectureship 2006 and 2007 year and has been invited as special guests to the Ascending Voice Acappela Music Symposium at Pepperdine in June of 2007 and 2010 years and Pepperdine Lectures in 2008 year.
2009 - Psalom has been invited to the ACAFEST (Acapella Christian festival in Lipskomb University).
2010 - Psalom has been invited to the Calvin Simposium on worship in Calvin Institute of worship.
2012 - Psalom performed at Princeton Theological Seminary, Geneva College, Lubbock Christian University and Austin Graduate School of Theology.
2013 - †Psalom†visited a number of congregations in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.
2014 - †Psalom†visited a number of congregations in New England and Texas.

The main goal of this work is to bring new Acapella music to the Church, so that, as the bride of Christ, she can sing to the glory of our Creator God - the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit by encouraging and building up believers with His word and music Ц especially promises of His mercy and faithfulness, His control over the nations and our lives, songs of hope and joy in the Lord!†

See 10 min. video-report about Psalom trip 2012:


Information for churches:

We would be honored to share our music with any congregation who would like us to sing while we are in the area and can fit it into our schedule.

We have sung at many congregations in the states the last 8 years and we could encourage your congregation in a variety of avenues:

1. We could sing during worship one or two of our original hymns for your congregation and could perhaps lead the congregation in learning one of the songs. After worship a luncheon or fellowship time could be organized at which we could sing for 20 minutes.
2. We could sing in a Bible class or combined adult class before the worship assembly.
3. We could sing at a Wednesday night Bible study time.
4. We could sing on any evening for a special time of encouragement.
5. We could sing during the day at a Bible class. All these options were chosen by various congregations during the ensemble's tour last year.

We believe our program will be interesting for people who appreciate singing acapella spiritual music, for those interested in new songs (especially songs based on psalms) for congregational singing, and† for those concerned the ministry of Christians in Russia.


Members of Psalom with Randy Daw, preacher of Johnson Street Church of Christ in Greenville, Texas (2014)


Information for christian universities and colleges:

Recognizing the Church's need for development in congregational singing, we are focusing our energies into this area.
The program of our presentation focuses not only on introducing new songs to congregations, but also on helping more worshipers to join in the expression of their own spirit† through new songs more quickly and more confidently.
We deeply desire to share our experience not only with congregations, but especially on your campus since you are caring for the formation of such a large percentage of the younger generation, that is, of those who will soon be leading others in serving the Lord.

If you would have PSALOM plan to be at†your education centre and to meet with your students, faculty, and staff; to sing and share songs of praise, supplication, and edification; to speak of our ministry, please be in touch so that we can confirm a date.


Members of Psalom with Robert M. Randolph , chaplain to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his wife Jan. (2014).


What do we need

We have no sound equipment; normally we do not use the microphones at all.
But if you think the hall is too big for sing without any amplification we can use yours microphones.
Important detail about it - we will need the microphones with mic. stands for we do not need hold it in the hands. If acoustic is good enough we will sing without microphones.

Normally we came one hour before the presentation: This time is for change clothing, sound check and set up the table with our materials.
It will be great if we will have a table with our CD`s and songbooks. CD selling is important, because it is only way for us to cover our trip expenses.

If possible, we would like use one room for we can change clothing and warm up.

Our focus is not only introducing new songs, but involved all congregations to learning new song and to participate the singing. We have at least 2-3 songs for sing together. We hope it will be great time of learning new songs, singing and praising the Lord together.

For contact press the link Contacts.



Psalom sings in Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ, Arlington, TX


God bless, Konstantin Zhigulin and Spiritual Music Ensemble УPsalomФ.
St. Petersburg, Russia



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