"O come, let us sing unto the Lord" (Psalm 95:1)


Konstantin Zhigulin

Konstantin Zhigulin - composer and songwriter

Konstantin Zhigulin was born in 1972 in the Siberian city of Barnaul in Russia. He studied piano and flute in music school and music college. As a young man, Konstantin began composing music. His compositions encompass a wide variety of sacred and secular musical styles from medieval and baroque to soft rock. These include spiritual hymns, symphonic works for chamber orchestra and choir, several chamber music works, and various instrumental solos.

Shortly after becoming a Christian in 1994, Konstantin began composing his many exquisite a cappella hymns for use in the church. These original hymns are sung widely in churches of Christ in the Russian-speaking world.

In 2007 Konstantin graduated from the Institute of Theology & Christian Ministry in St. Petersburg. Currently, Konstantin's ministry in the church is composing new hymns, leading singing and teaching worship leadership.

About 50 of Konstantin's hymns have been translated into English and are being sung by churches in America.




This fine musical ensemble grew out of Konstantin's efforts to share his spiritual music with churches of Christ in Russia. Throughout 1995-96, Konstantin and Leena developed a small group of singers into a choir that performed the new hymns for the church body in Barnaul, Siberia. Their first recording of hymns was made during that time and this recording was shared with churches throughout the former Soviet Union. As Konstantin composed more music, the group began to perform for various congregations and evangelistic outreach efforts in Barnaul, Rubtsovsk, Tomsk and Irkutsk. They sang at the annual Siberian Winter Retreat and were later invited to sing at the Western Russia Seminars of the churches of Christ in Moscow. Konstantin has also participated in and shared his music at the annual song-leaders workshop in Donetsk, Ukraine.

When the Zhigulins moved from Siberia to St. Petersburg, a new ensemble was created and re-recorded his now extensive collection of hymns and spiritual songs. As a result of this work, Konstantin's hymns are being sung in churches throughout Russia, the Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.

The music is so beautiful and spiritually uplifting, two American brothers - Mark Shipp of Austin Graduate School of Theology and Jeff Matteson, former missionary to Siberia - began translating several of Konstantin's hymns into English in order to share them with American churches. Through the efforts of Joel Petty and ITCM, during this past year the ensemble Psalom has been able to travel extensively in the United States introducing Konstantin's music to American churches. During their time in the states they have made a recording of the hymns in the English and have had the honor of performing for various congregations and seminars.

May God receive all the glory and praise for His goodness to us!



Spiritual (church music) is a large part of my life. I have composed quite a few creative pieces in this area and a majority of these are based on themes from the Bible. These songs are written in modern Russian which also makes them different from traditional Russian Orthodox songs. This allows listeners to understand the word inspired by God, and to feel the harmony of the music. These songs can be performed not only from stage, but especially important and dear to me at worship services. Now these hymns are being sung during worship in different Christian communities in many cities in Russia, in the former Soviet Union, and also in other countries.

These musical pieces are not a demonstration of religious beliefs of any particular denomination but are an embodiment of feelings and ideas of the author brought by plots and images found in the Bible. Konstantin's original hymns are sung widely in different choirs and singing groups:

- Novosibirsk Chamber Choir «Markell’s Voices» (Novosibirsk)

- Pavel Sharomov`s Vocal Ensemble (Novosibirsk)

- Vocal Tapestry (Orlando, Florida)

and also non profit groups:

- Acapella Ensemble «Dawn» (St. Petersburg),

- Big choir of baptist Church (St. Petersburg),

- Choir of baptist church "Grace" (Kursk),

- Worship Choir of Estonia's Baptist church "Oleviste" (Tallinn, Estonia),

- Youth choir of baptist church "Vifania" (Tallinn, Estonia),

- Choir of baptist church (Kamenskii, Ukraine),

- Choir of baptist church "Temple of Salvation" (Belgorod-Dnestrovskii, Ukraine),

- Youth choir "Ave Maria"(Novosibirsk),

- Liturgical Choir "Soli Deo gloria!"(Novosibirsk),

- Parish chorus of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary (Moscow),

- The student choir of St. Petersburg Christian University (St. Petersburg)

- Choir of Neva Church of Christ (St. Petersburg),

- Choir of baptist church "Living Word" (Udomlya),

- Choir of chrsitian church of gospel faith (Tomsk),

- Choir of church "Alfa and Omega" (Almaty, Qazaqstan),

- Choir "Credo" of church Seventh Day Adventists (Moscow)

- Choir of Bethany Russian Baptist Church (Minneapolis, MN, USA),

- Mixed-church chorus (Kalamazoo, MI, USA),

- University Choire and Orchestra (College Station, TX, USA),

- Harding University Chorus (AR, USA),

- Rochester College A Cappella Chorus (Rochester College, MI, USA),

- "The Sweet Expressions" a mixed choral group from churches of Christ in the Austin area directed by James Tackett. (Austin, TX, USA)

- Ezell-Harding Christian School Chorus (Antioch, TN, USA)

-  "New Song" a choral ensemble from Geneva College (Geneva College, PA, USA,)

- "The Genevans" the student choir of Geneva College (Geneva College, PA, USA,)

- Mennonites choir "The hope" (Shenandoah, VA, USA)

and others...

Song "O praise the Lord, my soul" in annual choir festival in St. Petersburg.


Song "My God and King" composed by Konstantin Zhigulin sung at the 13th Annual Choral Festival 2018 of Shenandoah Christian Music Camp (VA). Conducted by Lloyd Kauffman.





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